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Festival FASHION 4.0 received presidential grant support

Festival FASHION 4.0 received presidential grant support

The project titled "From Local Fashion Brands to Image and Success of Russia" received the status of first competition winner of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

The IV All-Russian Festival "Fashion 4.0 - Evolution" with its traditional professional competition and an innovation (project intensive) awaits young designers - future leaders of the fashion industry very soon.For the first time, students and graduates of Russian universities and colleges who have passed a competitive selection at the festival site, will work at the new fashionable collections of clothes or prints on fabrics for enterprises in the Ivanovo region after the festival’s completion.

In addition, together with entrepreneurs, they will have to improve their competencies in the course of a rich educational intensive, which will allow future partners to form a unified idea of the upcoming trends in fashion and advanced technologies for designing clothes or printing on textiles, choose an internship or "consolidate" the proposed campaigns vacancies. Thus, they will have the opportunity to outline their path of conscious growth in the profession, and at the same time to compete for the prizes established by the President of the Festival Vladimir Vikyu and Anna Bogadelina, the general director of the Shuiskiye Chintz plant.

We add that the organizers of the Fashion 4.0 - Evolution festival, which will take place in Ivanovo on December 7-10, are the Ivanovo Polytech, OJSC KhBKShuyskie Chintz and the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Textile and Garment Industry of the Ivanovo Region.The event will become part of the program for the development of regional fashion brands and will be dedicated to two significant dates at once: the 150th anniversary of our city and the 200th anniversary of Shuisky chintz, a leading Russian manufacturer of cotton fabrics.

For reference.The initiative to create a Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives was announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on April 21 this year in his Address to the Federal Assembly; in May, the fund was created.To participate in the first competition of grants for the implementation of projects in the field of culture, art and creative (creative) industries, 12,460 projects were sent to the Fund, including 40 from the Ivanovo region.1,478 projects received support from the President of the Russian Federation, including nine Ivanovo projects.