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International Activity

International cooperation is an integral part of the activity of the ISPU, its important factor in recognizing the authority and consolidating the university's leadership in the global scientific and educational system. The main guidelines in the sphere of international relations are:

- training of specialists for foreign countries;

- extension of mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral contacts with foreign universities, research centers, manufacturing companies through the academic exchange, joint research, the organization of scientific conferences, forums and seminars, and the strengthening of cultural contacts.

Since 2010 representatives of well-known Russian and foreign scientific schools of textile design and garment design have repeatedly become winners and prize-winners of various international and all-Russian fashion festivals.

In the international sphere the training of specialists from abroad prevails. To date there are cooperation agreements with more than 50 foreign universities, associations and enterprises in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

ISPU has to its credit:

- participation in the TEMPUS program of the Commission of the European Communities (the Interregional Resource Center for Training and Personnel Development for the sphere of Tourism and Hospitality is set up on the project "Creation of tourism centers network" by the Department of Social and Cultural Service and Tourism of the Textile Institute;

-the Institute for Management and Organization of Production participated in the project "Lifelong Learning and Development of Innovative Technologies in the Field of Energy Saving and Environmental Control";

- participation in the "Immanuel Kant" program of the German Academic Exchange Service and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (three grants won);

- participation in the British Council "Internationalization of Higher Education" project (one grant won);

- participation in the Second Russian-Chinese High Tech Forum (November 2017, Moscow);

- partnership of the Engineering Center of the Textile and Light Industry of ISPU and foreign companies LAROCHE SA France, OOO "Akroma Consulting Switzerland GmbH";

- opening of the International Linguistic Education Center on the basis of ISPU.

In 2014-2017 Representatives of the University traveled to foreign educational and scientific centers for participation in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions (Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Sweden), for participation in training (Germany and France), for teaching and consulting students (China, Kazakhstan, France) and participation in finals of international contests of clothing designers in China.

Cooperation with the PRC occupies a special place in the international life of the university. Particularly the training of personnel is being carried out, including the highly qualified specialists in ISPU for the China Textile and Fashion Industry.

Science and intercultural cooperation:

- young Chinese designers participate in Russian competitions ("Russian silhouette", "Provincial style", "Textile salon");

- permanent exhibitions of works by Chinese designers at the Department of Textile Fashion Design and in the "Academy", ISPU students' refferring to the Chinese culture in the development of clothes collections.

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