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Lectures of designer Natalia Tsvetkova were held at the Polytechnic University

Lectures of designer Natalia Tsvetkova were held at the Polytechnic University

On May 20, as part of the First Factory of the Avant-Garde festival, the Natalia Tsvetkova lectures "Art "fiber art" of the XXI century" and "Modern Innovative Textiles", as well as a performance "Living Mill" were held.

Students of the Institute of Textile Industry and Fashion attended lectures on the peculiarities of modern art objects, installations, and performances. Based on the materials of Russian and international exhibitions, the lecturer presented the most interesting works of "fiber art" related to costume, architectural, and experimental environment, spoke about the features of placing textile installations in urban and natural environments, and the practice of holding online exhibitions of modern art textiles.

The usage of non-traditional materials in modern costume, interior and exterior were considered, on the example of the works of artists and designers, including the authors’ nano-fabrics, textiles containing electronic elements, clothing created using a 3-D printer . And at the end of the lectures, Natalia held a performance "Living Mill", based on the ancient technology of collective fabric production, during which the participants become like parts of a loom, imbued with the association of the fabric with the life path of a person, his fate.

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Natalia Tsvetkova is an associate professor of the Department of Art Textiles at SPGHPA. Candidate of Art History, winner of the Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg in the field of culture and art, participant of more than two hundred Russian and international exhibitions, including personal ones. She is a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, St. Petersburg Union of Designers, member of the Professional Creative Union "Partnership" Free Culture", member of the European Textile Network (ETN).