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Book presentation or meeting of generations

Book presentation or meeting of generations

There are moments that we rarely remember in our everyday hustle and bustle. The presentation of the book "Polytechnic University: Stories and Destinies", which took place on the eve of two holidays at once - the Day of Russia and the Day of Textile Workers, made it possible to stop and be inspired by the life path of the university graduates of the past years.

And this is quite symbolic, because the life stories of the “heroes” of the book - people of different generations who gave part of their lives to pedagogical work or achieved professional success in production - are the history of the university, the history of the country, and therefore our history! In addition, “such informal meetings, no doubt, are an integral part of the corporate culture of IvSPU and play an essential role in maintaining the continuity of generations. Such actions allow veterans not to lose touch with the university, not to feel cut off from life, and for young people - the opportunity to learn respect for the older generation, - said the rector of the Polytechnic University Yevgeny Rumyantsev, participating in the meeting.

The event, which imperceptibly stretched out until the evening and was filled with the joy of meeting old colleagues, frank and meaningful stories about yourself and work, memories of student life and simple everyday conversations, was attended by the head of the company "Advanced Pumping Systems", a man who gave a quarter of a century to work at Ivanovo Vodokanal, Konstantin Samodurov, Deputy General Director of the Ivanovo company TexHolding of TDL Textile holding Alexey Konov, General Director of the Giproagrotechprom Institute Aleksey Bykov, Professor of the Department of Design, Technology, Materials Science and Expertise of Consumer Goods, Kostroma State University Nadezhda Smirnova, Professor of the Department of Materials Science, Merchandise, standardization and metrology of IvSPU Boris Gusev, head of the Complex of Museum, Exhibition and Resource Centers of IvSPU Felix Kagan, who has spent more than 60 years at the university.

With interest and undisguised respect, the heads and staff of departments and students listened to the legendary athlete, two-time silver champion of the Olympic Games in Innsbruck Irina Egorova. They sincerely thanked the person without whom the book could hardly have appeared - a professional journalist, an employee of the ISTRC, and also a media teacher of gymnasium No. 23 and one of the leaders of the Ivanovo School of Young Journalist Leonid Kiyashko and the team of the media project. These are Polytechnic University students Veronika Yuzbashan, Alina Gulina, Dmitry Orlov, Victoria Kokushkina, Anastasia Gribkova and Alexander Gushchin, as well as Ivanovo schoolgirls Olga Ivanova and Alena Barysheva.

Unfortunately, not all famous and successful graduates were able to attend the presentation of the book. Two talented graduates of our creative departments Nadezhda Grechina and Yulia Zvereva live and work abroad today. Julia is a designer of the French company DECATHLON, and Nadezhda works at one of the textile factories in Italy. For more than 30 years, Alexandra Stepanova, who managed the Sudar garment factory, lives in the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region. Well, the main artist of the Ivanovo Puppet Theater Lyubov Boldyreva and the famous Ivanovo fashion designer Irina Korneva were detained by urgent matters on the pre-holiday days. Nevertheless, the stories of their vivid professional and life trajectories will undoubtedly impress the reader. And you can get acquainted with the book at any time by going to the renovated reading room of the university library.